About Us

  • A – Artistic
  • I – Intelligent
  • K – Kind
  • Y – Yeasty
  • A – Analytical

Aikya means unity or togetherness. Aikya Play School as the name suggests is A UNIFIER OF PLAY SCHOOL CONCEPTS. Aikya Play School is an initiative of an ex-army officer who has been closely associated in running of different schools. The Principal has a versatile experience in handling schools. At Aikya Play School we emphasize on holistic development of the child. Holistic approach means taking care of all six development domains.

Physical Development
Personal, Socio and Emotional Development
Language Development
Mathematical Development
Creative Development
Sensitivity towards environment

We believe that every child is unique and hence the learning approach for every child is different. We firmly believe in child – centric approach.

Apart from ECCE curriculum, the school offers AFTER SCHOOL CHILD CARE PROGRAMME with warm, caring, clean, safe and child friendly environment for a comfortable stay. Here we have evening activities, ply, craft, etc.

We are firm believers that the child’s safety and security is of utmost importance hence, we have following features to ensure it :-

CCTV cameras installed in each class room and play area
Female Staff only permitted inside the premises
Child safe furniture and environment
First-aid kit
Clean drinking water
Hygienic attached washrooms with each class
Safe and friendly play area