Learning is a skill and we at Aikya bring out creativity from a child. Learning is something beyond reading and writing. It is about :-
Character building
Developing Communication skills
Confidence boosting
Personality development
Concept development

At Aikya, we conduct group games, group activities, create awareness towards society, develop team spirit, develop healthy competitive spirit and teach the kids to work in groups. Aikya as the name refers teaches unity.
Our curriculum is unique and so designed to cater for the above mentioned all. Our curriculum gives a child stage exposure very frequently. The activity based learning leaves an impact on the memory of the child, hence improving his/her retaining ability. We provide worksheets time to time to give the child opportunity to think out of the box and apply his own creativity. The audio visual aids help child correlate the learning with his book knowledge.

Our curriculum helps a child positive behavior and inculcate good societal practices. We focus on physical and mental endurance and hence games and sports take a precedence. Its not about competing or winning but we teach the children team spirit, perseverance, accuracy, focus and cooperation.